• Municipality of Ždiar, Ždiar 202, 059 55 Ždiar
  • Municipality of Jezersko, Jezersko 17, 059 04 Jezersko
  • Municipality of Spišské Hanušovce, Spišské Hanušovce 97, 059 04 Spišské Hanušovce
  • Municipality of Veľká Franková, Veľká Franková 74, 059 78 Veľká Franková
  • Municipality of Malá Franková, Malá Franková 35, 059 78 Malá Franková
  • Municipality of Osturňa, Osturňa 153, 059 79 Osturňa
  • Municipality of Červený Kláštor, Červený Kláštor 65, 059 06 Červený Kláštor


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  • 49.271449, 20.271842 (Parking lot municipality of Ždiar)
  • 49.303631, 20.351523 (Parking lot municipality of Jezersko)
  • 49.330375, 20.343706 (Parking lot municipality of Spišské Hanušovce)
  • 49.335494, 20.299400 (Parking lot municipality of Veľká Franková)
  • 49.313536, 20.303274 (Parking lot municipality of Malá Franková)
  • 49.334846, 20.233629 (Parking lot municipality of Osturňa)
  • 49.391536, 20.405176 (Parking lot municipality of Červený Kláštor)


Upper Spiš charmed the Goral people, known for their cordiality and hospitality, with its natural beauty. The smallest of the tourist regions called Zamagurie was named after the flysch mountain range Spišská Magura in the southwest. The northern edge of Zamagurie is bordered by Poland.

The first written records of a settlement in this beautiful, but also rough region are over 700 years old. Even the tenacity of the inhabitants multiplied by centuries could not control the whims of nature. However, inventiveness has created a space for the beautiful symbiosis of Gorals in the bosom of wild nature.

Today, many of the Zamagurian villages offer unconventionality and uniqueness in tourism. Ždiar captivates during winter i.e. because of its ski resort Strednica. At the same time, it is a year-round starting point into a wide area for hiking, excitement, and entertainment. Right in the Bachledova valley, visitors can visit the attraction of the Walk upon the treetops or the Bobsleigh Track. The eyes of the old and young can be lit up by the local legend about the coalman.

Nearby Spišské Hanušovce can make a stay more pleasant in attractive accommodations located in the classicist Hanus mansion. Ski conditions are unique, especially for the less demanding and children, who have the opportunity to learn to ski downhill in the ski school. The most impressive of the monuments in the region is the Church of Andrew the Apostle from the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries.

The road leading west from the village will bring visitors to Veľká Franková. It requires only a pinch of imagination and a tourist will find himself in a fairy-tale forest. This is because almost 70% of the village consists of woodland and trees. Winter provides an opportunity to explore the surroundings on cross-country skis along well-kept trails. All year-round, it is possible to get to the Polish village of Kacvin on well-marked hiking trails. Another hiking trail leads to Spišská Magura through the village of Malá Franková.
Malá Franková is the highest village in Zamagurie with an altitude of 750 meters. The wooden church of St. Joseph with its late Baroque altar is there. Next to the temple is a wooden bell tower. In the village, it is possible to admire the Area of the Holy Seven (Ogrod svätých sedmopočetníkov) – an old Slavic area and the first folk museum of the Glagolitic script. A rarity is the smallest wooden church in Slovakia, located in the middle of the complex. On the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the foundation of the village under the ridge of Spišská Magura a unique wooden cross with solar backlight was installed.

A special place in Zamaguria is the village of Osturňa. Its 157 wooden houses have been a monument reserve of folk architecture since 1979. To this day it is an authentic live open-air museum, naturally created and maintained by the calloused hands of local people. The nature reserve Velké Osturňanské Lake also deserves attention. It is extraordinary in that it is becoming overgrown and the lake is gradually being transformed into a peat bog. Botany lovers will be rewarded with a look at the Round-leaved Sundew, which ranks among carnivorous plants. The most-visited parts of Zamagurie include Pieniny National Park with the village of Červený Kláštor. Touring cyclists, adrenaline explorers, history lovers and visitors looking for relaxation will find what pleases them. In addition to a wide range of activities, Červený Kláštor is well-known in the area of ​​spa treatment.


Tatranská Javorina is known mainly for its wooden Church of St. Anne and hunting lodge Hohenlohe, which is open to the public every Thursday. On other days, it is used for representation purposes by the Office of the President of the Slovak Republic.

Those who long to admire more than the Dunajec Gorge can enjoy the aesthetically impressive gorge – the Gorge of the Lesnícky Brook. Another natural beauty of Zamagurie is the Haligovské rocks and Jarabinský gorge.



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