This holiday resort is set in the attractive area of Levoča Knolls in the southern part of Levoča Valley. The resort is 3 km from Levoča and in a landscape of natural beauty with rich forest, fruits and mushrooms.  Water bicycles and boats are available to hire for visitors.

Marked tourist trails for hiking and cycling will lead you to the most interesting corners of Levoča Knolls. Following the yellow-marked walking trail, in about 45 minutes, you can reach a church at the Mount of the Virgin Mary, which was promoted to Basilica Minor. Following the opposite direction of a red marked walking trail, you will reach the peak of Brezová, where the main European watershed of the Black Sea and Baltic Sea leads

Autocamp Levoča a Penzión pod Mariánskou horou
Kováčova vila 798/2
05401 Levoča
Slovenská republika

Tel: 00421 53 451 27 05
Mobil:00421 903 255 440