spisska_bela_1Mestský úrad Spišská Belá, Petzvalova č. 18, 059 01 Spišská Belá
Tel: 052/4680522 

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Business hours

Monday: 07:30 hod. – 15:30 hod.
Tuesday: 07:30 hod. – 15:30 hod.
Wednesday: 07:30 hod. – 16:30 hod.
Thursday: 07:30 hod. – 15:30 hod.
Friday: 07:30 hod. – 14:30 hod.

The Roman Catholic Church of St. Anthony the Hermit was built by new settlers and the first stage of construction dates from 1260-1270. In the year 1271 the Hungarian king Stephen V granted a list of privileges to the German colonists.

The well preserved external walls of the church, its triumphal arch, quadratic presbytery and western portal date back to these times. The Gressiger Museum and The Petzval Museum of Photography and Optics can also be visited in the town. A cycling trail leads from the town of Spišská Belá to the Belianska Cave and Tatra Basin.