Address: Association of raftsmen Dunajec, s.r.o., Rudolf Velička, Majere34, 061 01 Majere
Phone: +421905294699
GPS: 49.389579, 20.382789 (car park at the Dock – Prístavisko Majere), 49.412204, 20.458095 (car park at Lesnica)


People would not be able to live without a white day and a black night. Similarly, the Dunajec lives thanks to the confluence of the White and Black Dunajec. In Zamagurie, it has been struggling for millennia with the mighty rocks that stand in the way of the Dunajec. But it was all in vain. The fierce teeth of the water element bit through the limestone massif of the Three Crowns, creating the Dunajec Gorge.

1 + 1 = 3

What would be unimaginable in mathematics, works perfectly in the heart of nature. The proof is the strictly protected area of the Pieniny National Park, known by the abbreviation PIENAP.And what about those numbers? Perfect nature + water power = three ways to get the experience of a lifetime! The first satisfied customers will be the boaters who are able to paddle in their own canoes and kayaks. The second group, which prefers floating on rafts, will get evenmore adrenaline. The third group, choosing the most favourite option, floats down the Dunajec on wooden rafts. However, high security and the best opportunities to enjoy the surrounding beauty is not everything. A big attraction on the rafts is the indescribable mood evoked by the original Goral music. In addition, rafts provide an opportunity to experience rafting under the crags of the Seven Monks,even for seniors and children.


This fantastic experience on the waves of the Dunajec lasts from 90 minutes to two hours. The ideal place to start your adventure is in the dock of Majere. The final stop after the 11-kilometer rafting route is in the village of Lesnica. A good choice is to use local transport back to the beginning of the rafting tour. A better option is to rent a bike and return along the river sitting on the seat of an ecological steed. The most beautiful choice is returning on your own. The walk is, on the one hand long, but on the other, extremely beautiful.


…that favours the prepared, you will see a lot of fish chasing each other around in the clear water. The whole locality around Dunajec is known for the occurrence of exceptional and strictly protected plants. The jewels of the flora include 18 species of flowers from the Orchideacea family.

Lynx, wolf and evenbrown bear like to walk on the local plant carpet. It’s a pity that you would need much more than just a little luck to see these beauties of the fauna. Although these beasts are shy and avoid tourists like a plague, they leave behind imprints in the soil. Can you find them?


In addition to the search for beauty, Zamagurie is also visited to strengthen health. Ideal conditions are offered by the nearby ČERVENÝ KLÁŠTOR (Red Monastery) SPA –Smerdžonka (5 km). The underground treasury is accessible through the Belianska Cave (38 km). You can breathe in history in the ancient town of Kežmarok (40 km) with its unique town castle and monuments inscribed on the UNESCO Worlds Heritage list. And if you are flying high on so much beauty, don’t miss the Treetop Walk in Bachledova dolina (44 km).


The Dunajec River rafting has 120 year- old tradition.  200 000 tourists per year participate. At the maximum of 12persons per raft, that means the river Dunajec is  rafted about 12 700 times a year. 

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