Address: Ranch Čajka, Pod lesom, 060 01 Kežmarok
Phone: +421904415712, +421915920523
GPS: 49.158632, 20.452822 (Ranch), 49.156465, 20.458813 (Water reservoir Zlatná)


It is impossible to count how many dreams of people of Kežmarok have turned into reality. It is certain that one such transformation took place in 1992, when the history of the Čajka (Seagull) Ranch began to be written. The beautiful sloping terrain of the 10 hectares has become the foundation for unique agritourism.


Dreams are not only dreamed in bed, although thirteen of them are ready for visitors here. Ranch Čajka is an ideal place for families with children. The accommodation has 4 rooms, a kitchen, a common room and of course there is also a bathroom. Next to the wooden cottage there is a space reserved for the little ones to go crazy, or for a romantic time sitting on a swing. However, dreams are also dreamed during the day in this unique environment.


The opportunity to directly participate in the running of the farm is extremely attractive. Hens, geese and ducks run freely throughout the property, and visitors can watch trout and carp in a mini pond. In shaded areas, rabbits happily chew the grass, and piglets laze about in the barns. The biggest attraction, however, are the horses, which are an essential part of the ranch. With a little imagination, it is a farmyard like in the story about the little dog and thelittle cat (well-known Czechoslovak nursery story written by Josef Čapek). Yes, there are a number of cute kittens, and dogs, from the smallest to the big Buddy, guard everything.

Such a menagerie requires a lot of care from morning until evening. Visitors have the opportunity to learn how the animals are fed. It is tempting to groom the horses or saddle them. The reward is an unforgettable horseback ride to the watering place, or swimming in the nearby Zlatná water reservoir.

An equestrian club has been formed at the Čajka Ranch, and dozens of steeds have made it proud in many competitions. In the winter season, when the area is covered bya blanket of snow, another attraction comes into play – a horse-drawn sleigh. Who wouldn’t want to ride like that?


Staying on the ranch is possible year around. It is ideal for families with children who are often coming into direct contact with animals for the first time in their lives. Embassy staff and top managers have also come to the ranch to recharge their minds. Of course, we also welcome one-day visitors, we just point out that you will not want to leave at the end of the day.


For those who would not be satisfied with the night horseback riding or the relaxation zone at the Zlatná water reservoir (600 m), there is the option of going for a cycling experience on several cycling paths. Within reach is the Strážky Mansion (2 km) with a beautiful gallery of paintings. For lovers of history, the town of Kežmarok itself will satisfy you with its pearls of history (3 km). For water relaxation, it is worth visiting the year-round Thermal Park in Vrbov (11 km).